Iran is the land of kebabs but Iranian cuisine is much more diverse, complicated and difficult to be made than that. Located in the Middle East, Persian food has been influenced by its Western and Eastern neighbors.

In Iran, fresh herbs, pomegranates, dried plums and prunes, raisins, apricots, and saffron are consumed in the process of cooking, giving the food wonderful flavor. Actually, Persian foods are finger-licking and cannot be overlooked.

The first and foremost thing for getting the knowledge of a country is searching about its traditional foods. Because foods are rooted in their enriched culture and history. As you know, every kind of food is representative of that country and Iran is no exception.

If you google Iranian food, Persian food, Persian Cuisine or Iranian Cuisine you can access diverse foods with water mouthing pictures that stimulate your appetite. These delicious Persian foods are found in Iranian restaurants worldwide.

In this article, were are going to introduce the top 20 popular Persian foods

Loghmeh Kebab which is relatively simpler than the other recipes, is considered Iran’s national dish and served throughout Iran today, though was traditionally associated with the northern part of the country. Chelow Kabab is steamed, saffroned Iranian rice and kabab, of which there are several distinct varieties. Let’s get going

1.Barg top sirloin with rice:

This Persian food speaks first in every Iranian restaurant. It is popular amongst the Iranians and even the tourists.  Everybody wants to know about its ingredients. It’s sort of broiled steak embellished with lime, tomato, olive, butter and saffron on the rice. It is served with fresh herbs, Doogh, Torshi or yogurt.

2. Vaziri

It’s another kind of Kebab. It is mixed with Koobideh Kebab, Joojeh Kebab, and rice (Boneless chicken skewer +one skewer of koobideh ground beef) . It is embellished with tomato and grilled pepper and served with yogurt, Torshi or salad if wanted.

3. SoltaniOne of the most delicious kebab is Soltani.  As its name shows, it is a kind of luxurious food and more expensive than the other Kebabs because it consists of one Barg skewer and one skewer of koobideh ground beef. It is served with Saffron rice.

4. Loghmeh

Literally, Loghmeh means morsel in Farsi. This delicious kebab contains 2 skewers of seasoned premium ground beef and served with saffron rice and tomato.

5. Chelo Joojeh (Boneless Chicken)

Joojeh means chicks in Farsi. Joojeh Kabab is barbecued chicken with olive oil, tomatoes and saffron. Most Iranians barbecue it when they are in open spaces like park, jungles, camps and the like. It does not need any special skill and easier to cook than Koobideh Kebab.It is served with saffron rice and tomato

6. Chelo Joojeh (Chicken with bone)

Generally, it is served without rice because of its bones. It contains tender pieces of marinated chicken.

7. Shishlik Lamb Rack kabab

Shishlik or Shish Kebab is very popular in different countries of central Asia, eastern and southern Europe. However, the one you will find in Iranian restaurants is different from those cooked in other countries. It means Six pieces of fresh lamb rack. In Iran, lamb ribs are marinated with Saffron, chopped onion and lemon to make it tender.

8. Baghali polo & Mahicheh (Lamb shank with Dill Rice)

Baghali polo is the famous Persian dill rice with fava beans. It is a traditional favorite and a definite item on Persian restaurant menus. Baghali means fava beans or broad beans in Persian (Farsi). This is by far one of the most popularly requested Persian rice recipe from Iranians. It is one of the basic foods mostly served in Iranian Wedding parties. It is luxurious and delicious food and sometimes it can be served with chicken.

9. Veggie kababVeggi is a short form of vegetables.

As the name shows, this kebab contains grilled vegetables like Zucchini , eggplant , onion ,green pepper.

10. Barberry rice with chicken

Zereshk polo morgh (Berberry rice with chicken) is one of the most famous dishes in Persian cuisine. It’s full of wonderful flavors such as saffron, turmeric and barberry.

11. Ghormeh sabzi

This herb stew has unique properties among Persian foods and is undoubtedly delicious. Ghormeh sabzi is known as the national symbol of Iranian taste. It contains a variety of herbs such as parsley, leek, coriander, and spinach, along with beans and red meat. This food is served with rice, salad, olive and other deserts depending on the tastes.

12. Sabzi polo Mahi

Sabzi polo mahi, or mixed herb rice and fish, is a deliciously popular dish in Iran which is prepared on special occasions, such as the Iranian New Year’s Eve (Nowruz). It is Omega3-rich food. It is made of Fava beens, Dill, rice and grilled fish

13. Fesenjan

Fesenjan known as pomegranate walnut stew among is one of the most expensive and luxurious foods due to the priced ingredients. It is made of pomegranate sauce, walnut, boiled chicken or ball minced meat and served with rice, mast khiar (yogurt and grated cucambur) and other deserts depending on the tastes

14. Dizi

Dizi or Abgoosht (famous among the Iranians) is also one of the traditional foods. It dates back to hundreds of years ago when Iranians made this food called Dizi. It is cooked and served it in small stone dishes called Dizi. Iranian traditional restaurants still use these stone dishes for this food. This high-calorie food is made of lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes and potatoes. It is served with Sangak bread (a special Persian bread), Torshi, eating herbs, onion, and Doogh.

15. Loobia polo

Loobia Polo is made of a mixture of beef, green beans, onion, and tomato paste layered with cooked white rice. It is also delicious and not very expensive

16. Tahchin

Tahchin is one of the most iconic dishes in Persian cuisine. Basically, it’s a rice cake made of rice, yogurt, eggs, saffron, and chicken. It has an elegant shape and stimulates your appetite.

 17. Khoresh bademjan

Khoresh means stew and bademjan mean eggplant. It is actually one of the most popular Persian foods due to its flavor and fragrant. It is made of eggplant, beef and split peas and served with rice, torshi, eating herbs.

18. Dolmeh

This food is originally cooked in Turkish regions of Iran and also in Turkey. It literally means fill with stuffed things. As its name shows, grape leaves are filled with minced meat, fresh herbs, grains, legumes, and spices and wrapped orderly. It is served with yogurt and bread

19. Tabrizi Kufteh

This Azeri delicious food has a different type of ingredients and recipe. Some people cook it sweet and some sour. However, the main ingredients are beef, yellow split peas, rice, onion, and egg. Tomato, cinnamon, and savory are added for the sauce. Also, some walnut and berries are used. It is served with Torshi, herbs, and Doogh

20. Kashke bademjan

It means Eggplant dip. This is served either as a dessert or as the main food. It is made of mashed eggplant, onion, Kashk, dried mint, crushed garlic, and spices.

All in all, Iranian foods stand out from other international foods. Different regions in Iran has its own unique food and famous for that kind of food. For instance, in North of Iran, people mostly eat veggie food like Baghala ghatogh, Mirza ghasemi and the like. In the south of Iran, different types of seafoods, In Azeri cities, meat foods and Ash and so on. Each food represents its region. Isfahan is famous for Beryani, Shiraz for Kalam polo, Ghazvin for Gheyme Nesar. Iran is an ancient country with a rich food culture.

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