Khaghan Restaurant

Khaghan is a Persian restaurant located in Downtown Vancouver & North Vancouver with more than 15 years of experience in giving high-quality Persian foods or Persian cuisine & Persian kebabs both in Vancouver and Tehran. Khghan is proud to provide traditional food and cuisine for people who are striving for the fresh Mediterranean and Persian foods & kebabs in a cosy environment as well as being and enjoying in the heart of the city in the downtown of Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Not only people can enjoy our food in khaghan restaurant atmosphere but also they can experience it in their own location wherever through the town by our amazingly swift Persian food delivery service in the Greater Vancouver (Downtown, North Vancouver, West Vancouver,…).

Khaghan restaurant‘s mission is to provide fresh & High-quality Persian Cuisine and Persian foods to make a unique and delightful dining experience for all Persian food lovers living in Greater Vancouver and tourists from all-about the world . We recentely have opened our new branch in North Vancouver, you can Visit Khaghan Restaurant North Vancouver Branch and Enjoy. 

Khaghan Restaurant North Vancouver
Khaghan Restaurant Downtown

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Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

A variety of traditional-style and High-quality Persian foods

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In Khaghan Restaurant, We Prepare 100% Fresh and Healthy foods.

A variety of traditional-style and High-quality Persian foods for a reasonable price


What People are Saying

“Delight meals”

It was a delightful meal, not only to our stomach but to our eyes! It was not my partner’s first Persian meal but it was mine. I expected the color, the fragrancy and the moisture, but honestly, what a surprise with the tenderness of the meat. When they all came together, it was mind-blowing. They were served in generous portion, by the time we realized we definitely ordered too much.. It’s too late!! Overall, super tasty food and friendly staff, definitely worth more than one try!

Wen Ching Yang

Best Persian Restaurant

Been in Khaghan restaurant 4 times, I can say with Certainty that it is the best persian restaurant in vancouver. i have tried some persian restaurant in vancouver but i tasted the real taste of persian foods in vancouver in khaghan restaurant. Highly recommended !!

Elnaz Mohammadi

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Great food even greater service. Visiting Vancouver for two days, been here twice. I recommend it highly.

Alec Javan

Real Taste of Persian foods

I have been living in Vancouver since 2000, recetly I had lunch in khaghan restaurant. best Persian food i have had ever in vancouver. I belive that khaghan is a real Top Persian restaurant in Vancouver. MUST be Tried!!!

Abed Javadi

“Excellent experience”

Very quiet the night we were here. The food was excellent and we didn’t wait long for our food to arrive. Our waiter and waitress were friendly and efficient. Decor is interesting. I highly recommend this restaurant.

“Fell in Love with Persian Foods”

we were in Vancouver for 10 nights and ended up eating here 4 times since we enjoyed our persian dishes first night. My wife and children fell in love with persian foods Vaziri kebab & Soltani. I tried persian foods in few iranian restaurants in Australia, but this one was Amazing!!!    

John robinson

This was the best food we’ve had outside of my in-laws’ kitchens in Iran! The kababs were juicy, tender and flavourful and the lamb was so tender if fell off the bone. Really tasty food and we will be sure to go back when next in Vancouver

Amanda Mitchell

“Unbelivable taste of Persian Kebabs

I am into Persian Kebabs, Long times we had not a good Persian restaurant in Vancouver untill Khaghan restaurant showed up. I have told to many my Friends to at least try once persian foods in khaghan restaurant to taste the great taste of persian Cuisine in Vancouver. Unbelivable taste!!! I Love taste of Lamshank & Soltani Kebab

Amir Mardani

The Best Persian Restaurant in Vancouver based on customers reviews

we are honored for achieving the position on Google as the Best Persian Restaurant in Vancouver offering high-quality Persian Foods and Iranian Cuisine, and we would like to appreciate all our Costumers for Voting us on Google and Choosing khaghan Restaurant as the best Persian Restaurant based on Google reviews. Khaghan restaurant Continuously is Improving its Quality and services to reach complete customer’s gratification. Our mission is to provide fresh & High-quality Persian food to make unique and delightful dining experience for all Persian food lovers living in Vancouver. A variety of Khaghan menu offering traditional-style and High-quality Persian foods for a reasonable price in a well-decorated and friendly atmosphere made khaghan as a unique Iranian restaurant in heart of the awesome city name Vancouver. Finally, We Recommend that if you want to taste the high diversity of Persian foods and kababs with a true taste of Iranian cuisine, Khaghan Restaurant stand here and pleased to serve all families and friends gathering to make a delightful dining experience for all of you. Persian restaurant vancouver, Persian restaurant in Vancouver, Persian Cuisine vancouver. Khaghan Restaurant in North Vancouver

Hours of Operation

Downtown Branch

11:30a.m. – 9:30p.m.


North Vancouver Branch

Monday-Friday: 12 noon – 10:00 p.m.
Sat: 12:00 noon – 10 p.m.
Sun: 10:00 A.M. – 10 p.m. (Breakfast)

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